Maggie & Kyle – Two artists who fell in love

Of the two weddings I did in October, the second was Kyle and Maggie’s on Saturday, October 14th at Durley Camp in Greenville, IL. I feel so blessed & honored to have been able to capture Maggie & Kyle’s special day. Here is some back story to put things into perspective.

In July I had booked a wedding for October, Friday the 13th. I had to fly back to STL for this wedding since moving to Seattle in September. About a month before I had to fly to STL for my wedding I booked originally, I see Maggie post on Facebook that her and Kyle are getting married in 3 weeks. I frantically messaged her and asked her the day, praying it was the weekend I was in town. She told me it was October 14th and she would love to have me photograph their wedding alongside Josh Randle (an amazing wedding and street photographer, you can find samples of his work on Instagram as: jrandlefoto). I was over the moon, I was going to see my two friends get married.

I met Maggie and Kyle at Greenville college in 2015. At the time Maggie was completing her senior show (oil painting nudes) & Kyle had recently transferred to Greenville from Peoria. As I got to know Maggie and Kyle, they got to know each other as well and it didn’t take them long to realize how perfect they were for each other

I remember my boyfriend and I would spend time with Kyle in Greenville and we would drive around with him in his old white car. One time Maggie called him while we drove towards a lake in Greenville, after getting off the phone I remember Kyle lighting a cigarillo and saying one day him and Maggie where going to get married.

To see that day come to fruition is such a joy, I feel so blessed to have been apart of your wedding day. Love and best wishes to you both, here are some sneak peeks ❤

You can view a video Josh and put together for them as well here:

Kyle & Maggie Wedding Video: October 14th, 2017



  1. Rhiannon, thank you so much! These are all just so special and beautiful and I’m grateful you captured these moments. I missed out on several things that day and your photos have given me the opportunity to re-visit this special day! We were blessed and lucky to have you there with us that weekend and I thank God for you and your special ability. With love and thanks, Denise (mother of the bride)


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