The Wildflowers Series:

This series was for my senior exhibition for graduating from Greenville College with my Bachelors of Art in May, 2017.

“Why is it that the first thing Adam and Eve did was to cover themselves after their sin in the garden of Eden? Was it because of what they saw, or that their vision was skewed? Was it that we were pure and beautiful, yet once we ate of the fruit we felt shame?”

The title of my show is called Wildflowers. In every painting of a woman there is a flower in the background. This is meant to represent the beauty, resiliency, and strength God has placed within women. Flowers die in the winter, yet come back to bloom in the spring beautiful as ever. While women may endure hardships, pain and struggle, they emerge from their hardships and struggles powerful and beautiful just as God has created them. I see in this a reflection of the resurrection story as well in my time working on these pieces.  

In working with nudes I have found that there is a vulnerability and trust. The models trust in me in how I choose to portray them, as well as trusting the public eye who will be viewing these paintings. It was humbling and inspiring to speak to these women, as I painted them I was able to learn more about them and get to know them. I can honestly say the process itself felt so much more important than the body of work I have accumulated, it built a community of women I never would have imagined finding myself in. It taught me, as well as the women who modeled for me, to uplift one another; to encourage one another and to see ourselves as beautiful no matter how often on a daily basis we are lead to believe otherwise.

My purpose and goal is to portray and reveal the beauty God has already placed in all of us, physically and spiritually. My art has been shaped by my experiences and encounters. My art is a reflection of the world around me; it is how I respond to and cope with what happens around me. It is my prayer and meditation; it is my way of life.